You Can SketchTM

You Can SketchTM envisions to be Self-Paced Drawing and Design courses. It aspires to make drawing a skill that can be learned through right brain methodology. It now offers a learn-at-home solution for adult learners.READ MORE

Circular Business

This is the sustainability focused arm of Alphalayth Ventures. Circular Business hopes to provide awareness through new business models such as the Regenerating Product Life Cycle© for sustainability and circularity to small, medium businesses and startups.READ MORE

Fashion & Accessories

This is a yet be launched fashion brand for sustainable clothing and accessories with the focus of reducing overconsumption and reversing the trend of fast fashion in populous developing countries, by offering a new solution to garment wear and purchase.

The best way to predict the future is to invent it.


Alphalayth derives its strength from the lion to create strong sustainable ventures. We derive our inspiration from cultural values to offer innovative creative services, products and training.

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Alphalayth ventures was incorporated in 2021in India.”Alpha” is Greek for “First” and “Layth” is Arabic for “Lion”. The Asiatic lion is an endangered species, with only around 500 left in parts of India.

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We are based in New Delhi, India