The forest treasures

Treasures by αlphalayth, is a limited collection, a treasure trove of natural forest finds preserved in gold. This is real organic material, handpicked through forests. Pieces are collected only during a particular season when the fruit appears. The fruit has been collected, dried, sorted and cleaned. Only a dozen pieces are taken for further processes. They are manually cleaned with a soft brush and sorted.They are then coated with metal through a sophisticated process. This ensures that the inside organic material is preserved. The coating is hypoallergenic and lasts many years, so that you can appreciate the beauty of the form, just like nature intended it to be. Available on order.

Every piece is handpicked. Cleaned. Processed.Then it is attached using base materials such as copper and brass. A top hypoallergenic coating of gold is given. There are three finishes to chose from. (Piece can be made in real 916 purity Gold and Silver on order. Request separate quote.).

Rose Blush Finish
Golden Sun Finish
Silver Moon finish

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