We are on a mission to offer solutions for a beautiful and sustainable planet.

Our Mission

In 2012, a study noticed that a third of clothing in UK ends up in landfills. India’s apparel market is only estimated to grow further($60B by 2022) fuelled by Ecommerce and internet connectivity. These factors are instrumental for feeding a huge market for Fast Fashion and create a disposable culture. We are on a mission to create appreciation of nature, awareness about climate change, develop better business models for circularity to offer solutions for the Sustainable development goal 12 (SDG) of Responsible Production and Consumption within the next five years.

Our History

αlphalayth is a new venture with aspiration to create sustainable ventures with the growing realisation that overconsumption is set to affect developing countries in the decade to come. We have over 20 years experience in practicing design and design education and use design thinking to create innovative solutions in products and services.

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